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Moringa is a Healthy Food

All About Moringa Oleifera

Fresh Leaves Dried Leaf Powder
4 times the Vitamin A of Carrots 10 times the Vitamin A of Carrots
7 times the Vitamin C of Oranges 0.5 times the Vitamin C of Oranges
4 times the Calcium of Milk 17 times the Calcium of Milk
3 times the Potassium of Bananas 15 times the Potassium of Bananas
0.8 times the Iron of Spinach 25 times the Iron of Spinach
2 times the Protein of Yogurt 9 times the Protein of Yogurt

Zija Moringa Oleifera

Zija's Proprietary Moringa Blend is the best

What's in Zija While researching on the Internet, or when visiting your local health food store you have undoubtedly stumbled upon bulk moringa leaf powder advertised at lower prices than Zija, and wondered why Zija's Moringa-enhanced products are generally more expensive. Are Zija's proprietary products worth the extra cost, and is there any difference in Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera (the Miracle Tree) grows naturally in hot, dry climates, and is cultivated in many countries around the world. In order to retain its nutrient properties for human consumption, and so pass its miracle qualities to us, Moringa must be properly handled. To keep costs down many bulk Moringa retailers mass purchase from whomever will give the lowest prices. The lowest price usually means that the Moringa is fast grown with chemical fertilizers, treated with harmful pesticides, and then chemically, or quick dried. Moringa that is subjected to this type of handling not only loses up to 85% of its nutrient value, but also has absorbed numerous toxic chemicals. These so-called lower price bulk merchants are attempting to cash in, and do not care about the poor quality, and often toxic product they are putting on the market. Low priced Moringa leaf powder can be more of a detriment than a miracle beware of it!

In contrast to bulk purchasers, and mass supplier companies Zija International is intimately involved in each step of its Moringa process from farming to final product preparation. Zija's Moringa is organically grown, and handled on proprietary farms in northern India. Once harvested all of Zija's organic Moringa is carefully hand sorted, and naturally shade dried. Slow shade drying is absolutely crucial as scientific research indicates that this process helps to retain, and enhance the nutrient qualities of the Miracle Tree. Only after meeting, and often exceeding stringent quality testing is Zija's Moringa tightly sealed in new containers, and shipped directly to Zija's pharmaceutical quality production plant in Lehi, Utah, USA. Once at the production plant the Moringa is unsealed, and carefully mixed to become Zija's Proprietary Moringa Blend. Zija's products use a secret blend of Moringa Leaf Powder, Moringa Fruit Powder, and Moringa Seed Cake.

Unlike products that only contain questionably sourced Moringa Leaf Powder Zija's line of products contain Zija's high quality, organic Proprietary Moringa Blend. Zija scientists and formulators studied, and researched Moringa Oleifera to discover what parts of the tree produced which nutrients, and natural effects. Their discoveries indicate that taking high quality Moringa Leaf Powder alone would provide many essential vitamins, and minerals, but would not provide numerous properties associated with the Moringa tree. Research suggests the Miracle Tree's ability to heighten mental clarity, provide anti-inflammatory support, and its ability to nourish the body's immune system come almost exclusively from compounds found in the fruit, and seeds. Discoveries also indicated that Moringa's ability to regulate blood glucose levels, and promote healthy digestion and circulation was shared among the Leaf Powder, Fruit Powder, and Seed Cake. Zija's Proprietary Moringa Blend is specially formulated to provide the absolute best mix of the healthful, nutrient-rich aspects of Moringa Oleifera.

Is there a difference in Moringa on the market? Absolutely, yes. Is Zija worth the cost of a premium coffee a day? Almost 94% of people that have tried Zija believe it is. You owe it to yourself to be healthy, because Zija is cost effective and easy.

Moringa Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients

All About Moringa Oleifera

Vitamin A (Alpha and Beta Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, Folate (Folic Acid), Biotin and much more.

Healthy diet with Zija XM3 Minerals:
Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Fluorine, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Molydenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Selenium, Sulfur, Zinc.

Amino Acids:
Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine, Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glutamine, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, Tyrosine.

Other Nutrients:
Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, Cytokins, Flavonoids, Omega 3 - 6 - 9 Oils, Plant Sterols, Polyphenols, Lutein, Xanthins, Rutin and many more.

All the Goodness of Moringa Oleifera

All About Moringa Oleifera

Zija Smart Mix

Moringa Seeds

Moringa Leaves

Dry Leaf Powder

Moringa Flower

Zija Super Mix

Table of reference for Moringa Oleifera nutrients per 100g
Seed Pods Fresh Raw Leaves Dried Leaf Powder
Calories  26  92  205
Carbohydrates (g)  3.7  13.4  38.2
Fat (g)  0.1  1.7  2.3
Fibre (g)  4.8  0.9  19.2
Protein (g)  2.5  6.7  27.1
A - Beta Carotene (mg)  0.1  6.8  16.3
B - Choline (mg)  423  423  0
B1 - Thiamin (mg)  0.05  0.21  2.6
B2 - Riboflavin (mg)  0.2  0.8  20.5
B3 - Nicotinic Acid (mg)  0.2  0.8  8.2
B5 - Pantothenic Acid (mg)  0.794  0.125  -
B6 (mg)  0.12  1.2  -
B9 - Folate (mcg)  44  40  -
C - Ascorbic Acid (mg)  120  220  17.3
E - Tocopherols Acetate (mg)  0  0  113
Calcium (mg)  30  440  2003
Copper (mg)  3.1  1.1  0.6
Iron (mg)  5.3  0.7  28.2
Magnesium (mg)  24  24  368
Manganese (mg)  0.259  0.36  -
Oxalic Acid (mg)  10  101  0
Phosphorous (mg)  110  70  204
Potassium (mg)  24  24  1324
Sulphur (mg)  137  137  870
Zinc (mg)  0.45  0.6  -
Amino Acids
Arginine (mg)  360  407  1325
Histidine (mg)  110  150  613
Lysine (mg)  150  342  1325
Tryptophan (mg)  80  107  425
Phenylanaline (mg)  40  310  1388
Methionine (mg)  140  118  350
Threonine (mg)  390  118  1188
Leucine (mg)  650  492  1950
Isoleucin (mg)  440  300  825
Valine (mg)  540  375  1063

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